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Current Officers and Board Members


Nancy Norwood - President

Lisa Daniels - Director

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Warren Rossi- First Vice President

Sylvina Buckley- Second Vice President

Vanessa Meyers - Director

Jewel Stewart - Secretary


Debbie Coker- Treasurer

Ann Sellers - Treasurer


Patricia Lunsford- Show Chair


Latricia Akins- Director


Caroline Mobley- Director

Jennifer Gilliland- Director


        CJ Gray - Director

Past Presidents of MCA

*in no particular order:

Marty Brown

Gayle Lunsford

Sue Hammond Gerberi

Andrew Howard

Barbara Weaver

Robin Carrol

Rebecca Dobbins

Melissa Pace

Ann Sellers

Cathy Gramar

Karoline Finch

Jewel Stewart

Sue Bearden

Glenda Hunnycutt

Past Presidents in memory of their contributions to MCA

Reba Roy

Donnie Vaughn

Doug McCoy

Katherine Ball

Lloyd King

Christine Taylor 

Tom Cash

Peggy Farris

Imogene Franklin

Fannie May Gibson

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