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We are now 75 years old.  Our organization was chartered November 7, 1947.   With $10 to build on.  We are a non profit organization.  We also make up one of the 5 segments of the council to the Mississippi State Board of Cosmetology.  Thru many years, many great and devoted leaders, we still prevail.  We have always believed in good quality education and fully intend to continue to bring that to our members.​We have had several names in our past.  We were Mississippi  Hairdresser Association Inc in 1947 when we our charter began, we then became MS Hairdressers & Cosmetology Association Inc. in 1965, then in 1993 we became Mississippi Cosmetology Association, then  we became National Cosmetology Association of MS Inc and then on to our current name of Mississippi Cosmetology Association Inc or MCA as we refer to our association.​

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